Our 5 Years Warranty

Thank you for your purchase of XENNEC products! We stand behind the quality and durability of our products. Our Warranty covers workmanship and materials against defects for 5 years. The warranty period starts on the original date of purchase on your sales receipt.

Damage caused by normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over time, improper care, accident, negligence is not covered by our warranty. "Normal wear and tear” includes the damage to zippers and fasteners caused by the expected use of the bag over time.

This warranty excludes claims to any incidental or consequential loss to personal property such as camera equipment carried in XENNEC products.

Warranty Claims

If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at customerservice@xennec.com (before sending the product to us) with:

  1. Your proof of purchase
  2. Photograph(s) of the affected area
  3. A description of the fault or damage

We will evaluate and at our discretion, either repair or replace the product if the damage is covered by the warranty.

Note: Local law may provide different rights and you may be covered by consumer protection laws or regulations in the state or country of purchase or, if different, your state or country of residence, and the benefits conferred by Xennec's 5 Years Warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies conveyed by such consumer protection laws and regulations, including but not limited to these additional rights.